Logo Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Pierre Tulowitzki
Head of Department
  • Educational leadership
  • International comparative research
  • School effectiveness and improvement
  • Qualitative and mixed-methods research
  • German director of the INEMA program
Dr. Michael Krüger
  • Lectures in the fields of organizational learning, quality management, project management, education marketing.
  • Coordinator of the INEMA program
Marvin Roller
  • E-learning & knowledge management
  • Course pilot of the INEMA program
Claudia Iffland
  • Secretary
  • Student Affairs
Prof. Dr. Harmut Melenk
  • Former President of the Ludwigsburg University of Education
  • Lecturer in the fields of intercultural communication and team development
Prof. Dr. Gerd Schweizer
  • Former Director of the INEMA program
  • Lecturer for Cost Management, Budgeting and Controlling in Education
Imke Hinzen
  • Student assistant
  • Research support
Julia Miodeck
  • Student assistant
  • INEMA support
  • Research support
Jennifer Haiges
  • Student assistant
  • INEMA support
  • Research support
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